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Spring 2018 Quarterly Insight Newsletter

Spring is the time when sports mad junkies get their fix

It is the start of the football finals, and racing carnival

Questions like will Winx win another Cox plate, will another European rider take away the Melbourne Cup, will Richmond take out the AFL premiership again, and will it be a Melbourne, NSW or Queensland team that wins the NRL in 2018.

Spring is also the time from a financial planning point of view where we encourage clients to undertake a spring clean and review plans to see if they are still on track or need tweaking.

In this edition, you will find a number of articles on Superannuation, alternative ways to pay for Life Insurance, and an article on the magic of the number 72, and financial abuse.

Economic Outlook – Asia/Pacific – For all the noise that has arisen out of this region, we remain constructive on its outlook. (See more…)

The Rule of 72 – Why 72 is The Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything (not 42 as Douglas Adams would have you believe!). (See more…)

Is there a better way to pay insurance? – Superannuation changes introduced in 2017 have opened new opportunities, whereby employees can use their superannuation to fund their insurance needs. (See more…)

Five Finance Tips, Get in shape this financial year – As a new financial year begins, there’s no better time to take a step back and review your finances. (See more…)

SUPERANNUATION: is it time to review your investments? – You may be missing out or taking unnecessary risks if you take a set-and-forget strategy to your super. (See more…)

Lessons from the market – Every market cycle – bull or bear – provides opportunities for investors to improve their process for investing. (See more…)

A Tale of Abuse – This is a story that was recently published in a financial planning industry magazine and is typical, unfortunately of the type of problems that are often referred to a financial planner for assistance. (See more…)

If nothing more, we hope the newsletter gets you thinking about us, and prompts you to consider making a time for a review meeting.

I urge you to call our office to discuss any article or any matter relating to your own personal circumstances.

We are here to help, and as an example, if you would like to arrange a review of any of your finance needs, I can introduce you to assistance with home loans, investment loans, construction loans, tax debt finance, car loans or any business equipment finance.

I hope you enjoy Spring, and the next time when you are working out how much your investments may be worth over time, you can use the rule of 72 to help with your calculations.