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Prepare for Life: March 2018

We would like to share with you our March 2018 issue for Prepare for Life. In this issue: Switching or consolidating Super funds can be a very risky business – Super fund members are regularly encouraged to consolidate their super accounts into one account to reduce paperwork and avoid paying multiple administrative fees and charges for accounts they don’t need. (See more…) Downsizing – making extra contributions to Super – In November 2017, the Government passed legislation that will allow certain individuals who sell their main residence to contribute up to $300,000 of the sale proceeds to superannuation, without being constrained by the usual restrictions that otherwise apply to contributions – including contribution caps. (See more…) Golden Oldie – By rights, the current market cycle should be shuffling into retirement, putting its feet up and taking things easy. (See more…) We hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any questions on these topics, feel free to contact us.